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Old 06-04-2010, 09:06 AM
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you can buy combo plans as well. I am not on the mobility side per se, I work large enterprise solutions. That being said, you have to be an informed consumer and keep perspective.

What you said about the battery is true. People tend to see the carrier as responsible for the device, which is not so. Even if it does have a carrier logo on the device. That's just marketing, to subsidize the device cost.

Just like running 35" tires on a daily driver, there are trade offs in having a portable internet device that is also a phone, which by the way, has more power than a laptop of several years ago.

I live from a bold 9700. It's the flagship rightnow, and it doesn't suck. That being said, I did have to spend about 3 hrs figuring out the optimum settings so I didn't have to have it plugged in constantly. (it is supposed to be a "wireless" device)

Remember, a company wouldn't make this big of a switch in marketing if it wasn't researched, and trust me, dr. evil is not at the head of the department.
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