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Old 04-05-2013, 11:21 AM
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Default Backup Camera Bracket for 100 Series owners with bumper

Here's a how-to that I put together for 03+ 100 Series owners who have a bumper with tire carrier, but still want to retain the factory camera. Slee made a bracket to relocate the camera on the new spare.

The factory camera is mounted in the center of the hatch, which the tire covers once it's installed. One way to fix that was to relocate the camera over to the drivers side and drill new holes in your lift gate. I don't like that for a few reasons. 1. Your camera is way off center and you do still see the tire a little. 2. Is that you can't really tell how close your tire is to whatever your backing up to.

Here's how to remove your backup camera, rewire it and reinstall it on the mounting bracket. The bracket mounts to the spare tire carrier before loading the spare.

The camera mounts to the bracket via tabs provided with the kit and the screws that were holding the camera in its original location.

First, you need to remove the camera from your hatch. You could do it a couple ways. Pop the license plate lights out and remove the screws holding the camera to the hatch. Then try and get your fingers in there and release the tabs. Or Joe's recommended method, remove the screws from the camera and use a step drill and just drill out the plastic tabs. Slee will most likely provide new ones in their kit.

The camera will come right out. Pull it out as far as you can and clip the wires past the wire connector. You'll only get a few inches of wire past the connecter, but get as much as you can.

Unplug the connector and mount the camera to the bracket.

Now you need to get to the camera wires that feed up to your in-dash display. They are located in the rear quarter panel near your jack. First remove the flap that covers the gap between your cargo area and back hatch. It's 5 or 6 screws. Then remove the T that's used to secure your cargo net. This T just twists and pulls out. There is a screw behind there that needs to be removed.

Now you can pull that panel away enough to access the camera wires.

The bundle you're looking for has 4 wires going into the connector. A Black, White, Red and a Bare wire covered in black tape. The whole bundle is covered by a White/Green wire cover a few inches up from the connector.

Unplug the connector and clip the wires leaving about 6 or 7 inches to work with.

There is a black plastic oval plug that's down below those wires. If you go under the truck it's easy to see. This needs to be popped out.

Use a long screwdriver and just pop it out and set it aside. It will fall out pretty easy.

Now it's time to solder some wires together. Using the connecter and 6-7 inches of wire you just clipped, solder everything together with the wire provided by Slee. The wire Slee provides is just 22ga home security wire used for wiring homes/business. (Great find Joe)
This bundle has 5 wires in it. Red, Black, White, Bare and Green. You're going to match color to color with your clipped bundle and just disregard the green wire, it's not used.

Now that you've just extended that wire, take the black oval piece you popped out before and drill a small hole in the center enough for the security wire top pass through.

The next step can be done a few different ways. What I did was feed the security wire through the opening in the body where I popped the black oval plug out. I pulled all the security wire through and fed it through the black oval plug.
EDIT: This next picture shows the wire feeding through the plug the WRONG way. Feed it through the waffle side of the oval.

Then I reinstalled the black plug into the body. I used a little silicone around the hole the security wire passed through just to seal that plug back up from water/mud in case I ever get that deep. You can plug that connector back together now. All you were doing was extending that part of the wire five or six feet with the security wire.

Next, I ran the security wire underneath the truck/bumper to the passenger side and up between the bumper and the body where your license plate light wire is run. (I hope that makes sense, Ill snap a pic tomorrow) Basiclly it's run to the swingout just like the wire that provides power to the LED licence plate lights on the bumper. I also zip tied the security wire up under the bumper to keep it out of the way.

Now you have to solder the security wire to the section of wire you clipped when you first pulled the camera out of the hatch. You only have a few inches of wire to work with here, so do it right the first time. Match color to color again disregarding the green from the security wire. This time the Brown wire from the camera side connects to the Bare wire on the security side. I didn't take a picture of the two connecting, but this is the plug and few inches of wire I'm talking about.

Almost done....

Run that newly soldered plug along the swingout and up the middle of the backside of the tire carrier and plug it in to the camera/plug that you mounted on the bracket earlier.
Hop in your truck and put it in reverse and make sure you did everything right.

This is why I like a backup camera..

The last thing you need to do is address the hole in your hatch left by the camera. I went down to a plastics store here in town and bought a business card sized piece of ABS plastic. I'm 99% sure Slee will provide these with the kit when they're ready to go. I had to reshape it just a little with a Dremel and drill two holes where the original mounting screws would go.

Slee's kit will have also provided you with 2 extra clips like the ones you destroyed earlier when you drilled them out. Pop the new clips into the slots in the hatch, run a bead of silicone on the plastic piece and screw it into place. I ran another pass of silicone around the edges once it was mounted to. That will keep any moisture from getting in.

I know it's a little crooked, it bugs me too. I'll get back to it and straighten it out.

That's it, you just relocated your backup camera with Slee's new Backup Camera Kit. Christo said they are just putting these kits together for sale. The kit will most likely include:

Camera Bracket
a few feet of Wire
4 OE plastic tabs
any additional hardware needed

I'm not 100% sure on what pricing is gonna be, but it's not much. Christo might chime in on that.

I really like the fact that I know EXACTLY where the edge of my tire is. The only negative I see will be when you're running a Trasharoo. All you're gonna see is the close up back side of a garbage bag. I'm playing with a few options on what to do there.
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