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Default Electrical gremlins in an 80 series

I have a friend at work who own a white 1996 Land Cruiser, and she has been having some weird electrical issues. Every day when she starts up her Cruiser, one of the warning lights -- oil, door open, or one of the others -- will be lit. Sometimes more than one will be lit. As she drives, the lights will occasionally go out, then come back on. Or not.

She's also having issues with the automatic door locks. Sometimes they don't lock. If she locks them manually, they may immediately unlock. Then as she is driving, they will lock.

I suggested that it might be an alternator or voltage regulator issue. Any other thoughts?
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Sounds like the ignition cylinder isn't staying engaged to any one position. IE she locks her doors and the truck thinks the key is still on so it unlocks. Or while driving the key is floating between the on position and acc.
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on the dash lights, is it one specific light and you're not sure which one, or is it a variety of them? if the oil is a little low, the light will go out and come back on again.

does she have a key fob for the doors? i had a friend who had the key fob for his pickup that was possessed and would lock and unlock the doors randomly
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Another thing to check on the door thing is the actual strikers and catch in the door jam. If they have become loose, the door will not seat all the way and you'll think it's shut but it isn't, then when you press on the door around a corner or something, it's as if you opened it.
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Has she hooked up an OBDII code reader to pull any error codes? Not all codes will cause a light on the dash to illuminated

Do you have a factory EDW? The way I troubleshoot these things is try and see if they all share a common path/connector. That gives you a place to start and finish chasing down the electrical problem. You can ring out specific lines looking for shorts or open. Also can check for loose connectors or frayed wires. You can monitor a signal to see if it is intermittent, but you have to have the wiring diagram to do that. Mine went with my old truck or I would look it up.
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