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Default Leader and Gunner trails?

Would it be helpful if any leaders/gunners posted here what trails they are comfortable leading and gunning? I know that was very helpful when I assigned the leaders and gunners a few years ago. I even built a database....maybe I should dig that up? Anyway....I will throw mine out here in case it helps.

I have led Poison Spider and Metal Masher numerous times. Posion Spider would be no problem, but Metal Masher would depend on if I get a lift installed in time. I hope to have it ready by the pre-run. I would also gladly lead these trails at the pre-run.

Gold Bar Rim I have led...would definitely need a lift...and would prefer a front locker for that damn ledge near the end. Not sure about the locker yet.

7 mile I have led, but in a couple of different configurations, do we have an official course map for it? There are so many fun side trails! I would love to lead this on Saturday, nice easy trail on the 3rd day.

Could also lead Dome, or any other trails my truck could handle, especially if I could run them at the pre-run.

I can gun anything, done most trails before.

I will also be able to run any trails we need help on during the pre-run in March, and as always I will be out there early before CM that week, so if we are still short on leaders, I can run trails right before CM. I always go early and run the trails I am leading just to make sure nothing has changed or there are no issues, and I am 100% familiar with everything.

As always,

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I would be comfortable gunning Fins and Things if need be
That may change depending on the pre run and what I'm comfortable with
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