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Old 05-30-2014, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
I sometimes take 56 Ave to work. Turning East off Pena and go in the back way. I *think* that neighborhood is still considered Green Valley Ranch, but I'm not positive.

Those homes were DESTROYED from that bad hail we had with those tornados. It looks like a bomb went off at the base of every house. Windows are gone, siding is literally hanging off, holes in everything. I've never seen anything like it. I thought about taking some pictures, but I don't want to capture someone else's misfortune. I guess insurance will cover it, but I was floored by how much damage there was. Scary.
I left DIA about 20 minutes before that storm got to Pena.

It was unreal. It sounded like a bunch of gunshots inside Dammit (the '85 4-runner). Luckily, Dammit is all kinds of multi-colored and awesome already, so I wasn't worried about damaging the paint, but most of the cars were.

I waited for a quick break and put the hubs in to keep going and get away once the Tornado warnings started. I was driving through a solid 9" of hail on the road. Slippery as all get out!

I can easily see how those houses got seriously damaged. I've never seen hail like this (it was an incredible volume of it, and quarter sized). It actually built up so fast the wiper blades couldn't push it out of the way completely.

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