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Old 03-09-2007, 01:11 PM
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Anyway. I would still put in a 2f with a 4 speed to split case. In reality this is still pretty much a bolt up application vs a 350 or other swap which is WAY more involved. It's much easier to find this application than some older F's that have miles and need work. These little things your asking about are easily overcome.

The 2f bolts right in. get a parking brake adaptor from man-a-fre or sor.. then get the stubs from the case end of the drive shaft and mate them to the existing end of the driveshaft if you have them of find some 40 shafts to mate. If you use the 60 shafts retube them and get new blank pinion flanges and drill them. This type of 2f upgrade is very easy and may be easier than trying to find your missing items and get it going. Do it the first time and be done.

If you want a 3 speed tranny you can still bolt up an 2f to it.
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Old 03-09-2007, 02:08 PM
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Hi Tim,

You can mount up the original J30 3 speed tranny and 3 speed t-case direct behind either an F or a 2F, total bolt-up. The dimensions of an F block and 2F block are identical for all intents and purposes. The 4 speed conversion isn't hard, but it's not a bolt up, and as you ascertained, if you use the (superior) split case then you're having to deal with e-brake issues as well. Split case equipped cruisers have the e-brake at the rear drum brakes instead of the rear of the t-case. You can get non-USA parts to mount the original e-brake to the rear of the split case if you wish. Alternatively you can use later model rear axle/brakes or do a rear disk conversion with integral e-brake, all adding complexity and $ to the project. Everything has it's pros and cons.

I heartily 3rd Matt's suggestion to just get it running and fall in love with it before embarking on a massive build-up. Drive it as much as you can and modify it incrementally, as your time and budget allows.

Since it doesn't have any engine at all, I'd go with a 2F given the choice, simply because it has a better internal oiling system.

I didn't see in Oleg's post whether there was any exhaust system whatsoever. There is a significant difference between the downpipe mounting flange between F and 2F exhaust manifold applications. The F is a smaller diameter and uses 2 bolts, the 2F is larger diameter and uses a 3 bolt mounting. Also, the 2F downpipe is double walled, the F is single walled. Both are discontinued. Behind the downpipe, the midpipe (2F), mufflers and tailpipes, as well as all mounting hardware are still available from the dealer, at about the same price as having it done custom at a muffler shop. Note that the OEM components will only bolt up in their original mounting locations if you go with the F, due to different routing for the F versus 2F applications.

Any questions about what else is different between F and 2F (including clutch and bellhousing), or 4 speed tranny into a 3 speed cruiser, just ask. Mixing and matching cruiser parts isn't 5 banana, but there are definitely issues to consider and decide on.
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