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Old 08-24-2005, 10:43 AM
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Default FJ-60 (Land Crusier) Exhaust/Intake System, Carb and Alt

These parts are located in Denver, CO.
I am willing to ship these parts for an added amount(S&H).
All parts that are shipped are not my responsibility after they are dropped off at the Post Office. Insurance and shipping confirmation will be added upon your request.
I perfer pickup.
Best offer on all parts!

I am selling these parts for a friend, so I will answer questions the best I can.

Intake and Exhaust System
$450.00 OBO

Entire Intake and exhaust system for a 1980-1987 Toyota Landcruiser FJ 60. Includes a set of chrome Downey 6-1 headers (retail ~$279), New manifold gaskets, header back high flow exhaust, and new matched intake manifold. This is one of the largest power per dollar increase you can get! The headers have been used but are in great condition. The exhaust is a 2.5” from the header and includes a high flow cat (for emissions) and a high flow IronTuff muffler. This muffler gives good deep tones but is not too loud. There is also a 3” tip on the end of the exhaust. It will fit directly into any FJ60 and should bolt right up. The pipe has been cut at the muffler for storage and will need to be re - welded. The intake manifold is included to make installation easier. The flange on the headers is a different thickness than the normal intake flange thickness. In order to tighten both the header and the intake with the same bolts, they need to be the same thickness. This intake has been milled to make the thickness equal. Comes with 2 gaskets (one stock and one with individual ports for the headers). Entire system has about 10K in use on it. Ran great but were removed with the 2F for a Chevy V8 Vortec conversion. Estimated retail value is:

Headers ~$279

Gaskets ~ $20

Used Intake with machined surface ~ $100

High flow exhaust system $550

Total ~ $950 exhaust system for less than half the price!!
Exhaust Pic #1
Exhaust Pic #2
Exhaust Pic #3
Exhaust Pic #4

Stock Carburator, Vac Lines and Partial Rebuild Kit
$100 OBO

1987 Landcruiser FJ60 stock carb. Comes complete with some of a rebuild kit, the intake vacuum lines and heat shield. Will fit any 2F engine – was specifically used on the 1981-1987 FJ60’s. If you want to go back to a stock setup, this is a great option compared to paying for the factory rebuilt carb. Probably needs a rebuild and re-tune but the stock carbs ran great on the 2F motors. I believe this is a rebuilt carb that was purchased at Checker. I took it off to try a Weber 38mm - the stock setup is definitely the easiest way to keep it.
Carburetor Pic #1
Carburetor Pic #2
Carburetor Pic #3

$70 OBO

1981-1987 Landcruiser FJ60 Alternator. This alternator is the higher amperage Bosch rebuilt alternator and should fit on any 2F motor. It has ~10 K of use and had not problems when removed. It was taken out with the 2F motor for the Chevy V8 conversion. Originally came out of an 1987 FJ60.
Alternator Pic

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Old 09-04-2005, 10:40 AM
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I know you want these parts!!
Don't fight it!
Just buy them
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