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Default Rising Sun Classified Rules


1. You are welcome to list anything you want, that you are the full owner of, and that you would like to sell. While generally that will be 4 wheel drive related, it doesn't have to be. However, do not list anything that's illegal, or inappropriate for a family-oriented Toyota forum. Violators of this will be publicly humiliated, then your thread will be deleted, then you could be banned from the forum. Please, no spammers.

2. Please give your location, unless that is already in your signature or profile.

3. If you want someone to call you, give your phone number.

4. Pictures. Just a word to the wise: a picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe an extra 10 bucks. If you don't post pictures, don't be surprised when nobody buys your stuff.

5. YOU MUST GIVE A PRICE. Your price can be free as well, just state that. Unless of course, you'd like to do an auction.

6. Auction rules: state your starting bid, and a deadline (within a few days). Subsequent posts containing bids are considered commitments towards purchase.

Why do an auction? Well, it can be fun, particularly if your item is something unusual, unobtainable, or you just don't care. Also often times the forum will rally to support a common cause, like a person in need, club project, or restoration effort, so you can "donate" items to be sold, where all proceeds go to support said cause. It's a fun way to give.

7. Be ethical. No one's running a business here, we're just friends who all share a common interest and like to swap our stuff around, so please treat others like you'd prefer they treat you back.

8. New to the forum? If you're a n00b to this forum, it's OK to post your stuff for sale. But be ready to justify your price and product description to a conscious audience with a critical eye, we're no eBay fools. If you're price gouging or describing something in an exaggerated way, we're going to call you on it.

9. No Jeeps. Ok, only kidding here.. but hey we're a Toyota forum so we have a little fun.. go ahead, post 'em up. -- If no one buys it, it certainly will keep us entertained...
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