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Old 01-15-2006, 03:35 PM
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Default Mighty Fine Day in Idaho All TLCA related

Eric Vogt posted this today on TLCA's Bodreps email list:

Yesterday I traveled to Twin Falls, Idaho with some fellow Wild Wild West Offroaders and there were even a couple of NW Cruisers there too where we attended a very powerful presentation by Greg Mumm. It was a pretty heavy Jeep crowd, lots of shiny TJs with Iroks in the parking lot but we were all there for the right reasons. Greg's presentation was on how to work with the BLM and FS in our local areas to keep track of the changes that are happening in our areas. It seems all rather simple now that he has laid out a plan for us to follow. Understanding how the system works makes all the difference in the world in making sure that our interests and lands are protected. I guess he will be at GSMTR to bring some folks some information there. If it is an optional thing for attendees I would surely make a point to drop whatever plans you had to go.

Anyway, here is where TLCA comes in. He brought up the fact at how little of a budget Blue Ribbon Coalition works on compared to the "environists" as Greg says notice the "mental" part is missing. He said the reason that they are winning the fights for land is because BRC is a grassroots organization and people make a difference when they get involved. People can get things done working together even if there isn't the financial backing that the environists have. He told a story of how BRC has some needs and that is small groups that are making a huge difference in fight. He specifically brought up TLCA and Dakota Crusiers several times. The most important story was on how TLCA donated the $5000 for computer equipment. The lady who does all of their ads has MS and needs to work from home now. She is the lady that does the ad work for BRC. TLCA changed this woman's life as they allowed her to keep working for us in the fight to keep our lands open. That is a pretty impressive thing for a car club (that is what Alan keeps calling TLCA) to do. TLCA changed this woman's life in a dramatically positive way. What you don't know is about all the tears of joy that were shed over this. Another thing that probably most of you didn't know is how dramatic of an effect this made for BRC and our fight for land use. Greg estimated that she will process $80,000 worth of revenue generating ads for the BRC newsletter by being able to continue to work from home. I think that is quite an impressive return on TLCA's investment. I know the TLCA coffer is short the $5,000 and we don't realize the $80,000 income generated from it, but I also realize that without the public lands TLCA wouldn't be the organization that it is. I thought you might like to hear about the end result. I also want to encourage you to become individual members of BRC. It is one thing for all of our club's to join and send in our $100 but is quite significant if we all also join indivdually. $20/year doesn't seem like much to me considering all that they are doing for us.

Greg is taking the TLCA placard to the dealer in Pocatello on behalf of TLCA. I also took one to Twin Falls and met with the owner of Wills Toyota. Of course I got the story about how in 1973 he and his wife had an FJ40 and traveled all over the backcountry with it. I could see that he was thinking about some adventure or fun times he had in that rig through the smile on his face. He said they would be glad to display it at their dealership. I'll admit I was a little frustrated with the sales people who kept referring to the FJ Cruiser as the new FJ40. But you can't get to upset with them as they have excitement about a new Toyota 4wd.

Another interesting thing was the Jeep crowd at the meeting. They were all buzzing around chatting about the FJ Cruiser. They too kept calling it the new FJ40. I was more stern with them and kept correcting them. It seems Toyota is bringing an FJ Cruiser to the Idaho 4wd Association Run in June. I'm looking forward to this as I'm planning on attending. It is at the Dunes here in Idaho, which I guess are the largest navigatable dunes in North America. It is about 8 hours away from me so I've not explored this area yet. And Alan I will admit I had to pull out a current TT and share your article with them. It sort of exciting to see Jeep people drool at a Toyota. They are so excited that an auto manufactuer would take an interest in a little state (population) 's 4wd association enough to bring a vehicle out.

I just thought I'd share the positive news. I know a lot of time TLCA BOD members make decisions and the final outcome is not known. I think these are two examples of where the BOD chose to spend money wisely. Both the BRC money and the placards seem to be a success.

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Old 01-16-2006, 02:33 PM
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They were all buzzing around chatting about the FJ Cruiser. They too kept calling it the new FJ40.
Well, they didn't get it straight then, did they? It's the new Toyota Liberty.
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