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Old 02-02-2006, 12:04 PM
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Default paging Red Chili

After you left the aftermeeting, we (a few of us around the table) were talking about fuel consumption of different vechicles. I was wondering what kind of fuel consumption you are getting now with the 3.4 in your amazing truck? What have been you thoughts and impressions on your conversion? Are you really happy with how it performs now? thanks robbie
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Old 02-02-2006, 02:58 PM
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I seem to be getting 16 and change around town in the winter, sometimes worse if I sit in traffic or get enthusiastic with the right foot. That happens a lot really.

I got a personal best of 19 in South Park with wind and light on the throttle/speed. My truck is a real lardbutt, I am hauling around a lot of armor and spares and stuff, so it's heavy. Also, my truck has really lousy aerodynamics, a roof rack and 35s and is probably geared a little short with 5.29s but I like the gearing. Better mileage could be had with 4.88s, and with the R151 first gear maybe, MAYbe even 4.56s. At sea level 4.56s would feel pretty good.

I absolutely positively love the thing. The motor is very well matched to the truck. Waaaaaay better than the 22RE. Torque it, rev it, doesn't matter. Has a slight cam bump around 2500 that is fun, runs clean to 5500. Sounds really good there too, especially with the open intake. Nice roar.

It can now tow the popup camper I use for hunting without a lot of effort, though I still have to shift a little around 9K ft. up. That R151 first gear is nice, it is a little short for around town so I can often take off in 2nd, which is slightly tall for that kinda stuff but works. The first is especially nice when negotiating rough forest roads when I don't want to be in low range.

The R151 is a little slow shifting. Since I am the one who overhauled it, that may be the problem right there . Some days I think I should dump some stinky Ford friction modifier in there just to see what happens, see if the synchros grab right up. (No idea if it would be compatible with Redline MT-90, I might have a real mess on my hands...) If I had it to do over again, I think I would just use an R150 tranny and an adapter plate for geared transfer cases, the newer R150s are very nice units.

I think the 3.4 is one of Toyota's best engines ever. It's efficient, makes very good power for its size, and is pretty easy to work on. The timing belts are a snap once you do it for the first time. It breathes sooooo much better than the 3.0, and is more durable (especially the head design, with the stronger headgaskets). I think the VVTi motors might be an improvement, but they are not as plentiful used of course.
Any other questions let me know...
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