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Old 01-14-2009, 11:25 AM
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Default help out tlca

TLCA Webmaster Solicitation January 2009

The Toyota Land Cruiser Association, a non-profit California corporation, is seeking candidates for the non-employee, contractor position of Webmaster.

The successful candidate will possess skills in both front office and back office web site design and maintenance. The front office skills will consist of interfacing effectively with the TLCA board of directors, and with our members and other visitors who use our web site.

The back office skills will consist of:

(1) Inheriting an existing web site and not mucking it up.

(2) Transferring said web site to a host, pointing the registrarís DNS to it and making sure that everything from the MySQLs to the PHP is properly configured.

(3) Developing the site such that TLCA membership has special access to memberís-only content, via UN/PW.

(4) Advancing our web site advertising revenue capability to where losses in our print advertising can be offset by our web site advertising revenue.

(5) Installing, configuring and maintaining the software which allows us to communicate internally via our bodrepsi and bodrepsii mailing lists.

This is a tough job. Weíve had volunteer webmasters over the years, and it takes a lot more time and effort than 100% volunteer. But since we made it a paid, contract position, I am sure all of our paid contract webmasters will readily tell any prospective candidate that they have put in far more hours than if TLCA were just another client. They have all been TLCA members, dedicated to TLCA and have put countless unpaid hours in to make our web site and organization better.

We are counting on our web site to supplement our printed publication Toyota Trails, as a way to add value to our membership, make our content available conveniently, sell our merchandise, and now to forge into the 21st century. We have had budget modifications, which have required us to cut back on our printed media. We need to offset those with enhancements to our web site, to add value to membership. The successful candidate will implement those content oriented value added items for our membership.

The candidate does not have to be a TLCA member. The contract is written and administered by the Administrative Vice President (AVP) and signed by the President. In TLCAís org chart, contractors are represented to the board through the AVP, but are expected to report to the entire board directly. As in all TLCA legal matters, the President has final responsibility and authority in determining the contractorís direction and compliance.

The pay is modest. If you are in the TLCA board of directors, youíve seen the 2009 budget. If you arenít, ping me or our AVP direct. Our contact info is in Toyota Trails. Itís basically a paid volunteer position. The successful candidate will be expected to stand on the shoulders of the giants who have laid the groundwork before them, and do a lot for not much money. They will be expected to be professional, even when faced with harsh criticism, make things right when the server crashes or other calamities strike. If the candidate wants to reinvent the wheel and totally redo the web site, donít expect to be paid extra for that, thatís their choice.

We webmasters know that what drives users to want to click on your web site is content, content, content.

So, the primary focus must be on:

(1) Content. Relevant, fresh and updated regularly.
(2) Navigation. Being able to get where you want to go, quickly, easily and intuitively.
(3) Merchandise. We have a web store which must be maintained, and the interfaces with our gateway and fulfillment must be maintained. This includes TLCA memberships!
(4) Value for membership. We MUST supplement Toyota Trails with exclusive, members-only content, and must do so such that it is for members-only.

These four points are the most important, but by are no means exhaustive. This is a big job, and we will need the sucessful candidate to be a lot more than what is outlined here.

Thanks and happy cruisiní!

Jeff Zepp
TLCA # 4063, TLCA President Elect
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Old 01-14-2009, 02:20 PM
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The current web site is built using the Joomla content management system. It was put together by Mark Van Meter, who has resigned effective February 5.

No, I'm not going to do this again -- I just don't have adequate time. But it's a great job. I really enjoyed being the TLCA webmaster.
Matt Farr, Centennial, Colorado | Rising Sun Webmaster
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Originally Posted by nakman
the club voted to not tell Matt Farr what happened at the meeting.
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